Alarm Chronicles!

I hear this faint sound beaming for my attention and drawing me out of my sleep.  Who could possibly be making noise so early in the morning?  The morning has not dawned yet, It’s darker than dark and yet this beep beep beep in gradually getting louder.  Reluctant to wake up, I reach for my phone.  Who is calling me? what do they want? It’s still dark outside, is there no such thing as courtesy anymore? who would do such a thing like this? It has to be urgent.

I grab my phone and this noise is at its climax now.  “Okay okay” i mutter under my breath.  As my eyes adjust to the flashing lights i realize that no one is calling me.  it’s my alarm…  Gosh no, it’s too early for this.  I am not waking up now are you kidding me? 15 more minutes is all i need.  I hit the stop button and curl back up in bed. “The audacity” i think to myself. Silence returns and I can return to my slumber. The room is still, and the morning sun still absent. The AC unit is the real MVP with it’s clutch white noise. It’s about to go down i whisper. I readjust my pillow one last time and I’m out for the count.

Beep beep beep beep beep… “not this again!” i lean over hastily to put an end to this howling disturbance. “It’s 5:30 am are you kidding me? Can’t you see i’m trying to sleep here? sigh!” My finger gravitates to my phone in an attempt to turn it off. My first attempt is unsuccessful and the cracks on my screen are proving to be the greatest defenders against my mission. I just want to get a few more minutes in. I’m not ready to wake up yet.  I manage to destroy this beep beep beep finally and motion towards my pillow. My heart rate is elevated now as a result of battling this enemy of progress.”Breathe” i say to myself as I exhale from a really deep breath. Stabilizing now, i drift back to sleep. I wish time could stop for at least 3 more hours. I’m really not ready to wake up right now and if my phone interrupts me one more time i’m not going to be the happiest camper.

Beep Beep Beep Beep…  “You have got to be kidding me.  Urghhhhhhh.  Okay okay i’m up now darn it”. Accepting defeat, I lazily lay there and let this beep beep beep monstrosity to its thing for a while. Getting dizzy from watching the ceiling fan go about its circular path, (I convinced myself that my eyes can follow one fan blade as it spun around).  I turn my head towards the window and the sun has finally begun to show its presence. Still faint, however, but definitely on it’s way. I motion to turn my alarm finally out frustration. “yeah yeah I’m awake now, whatever?” i think to myself.

“COFFEE…  NEED COFFEE” It’s time to start the day now.  5:49 am now and I’m ready to roll out of bed finally. My face feels weird  and i have the insatiable urge to sprawl out into a stretch. Yawning with arms spread wide open, I sit up from my laying position and reach for the sky *Best Stretch Ever* “Thank you God for another day” i declare. “here we go…”


Whyyyyyyyyy do we have to wake up early? I mean why? Morning after morning, the alarm wins and yet night after night we set it. Catch 22 i reckon.  Although the darn thing is a pain, we have grown to depend on it. Day in and day out, Bitter-sweet satisfaction.  I can’t stand you but I don’t want to live without you. It makes no sense to me at all but there is much to be done today so i will deal with the Alarm tomorrow. And yes that’s exactly what I said yesterday too but whatever. I won’t give up.