Good day people,

My name is Narada but a vast majority of the people I hang out with and talk to now call me NJ. I am a Southern African male. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and to any Zimbabweans I grew up mainly in Arcadia and Braeside and there was a time when I stayed in Bulawayo but that’s not the point of this post. My intension of this post in particular is to introduce myself to visitors out of respect and appreciation. I am a Graduate Mechanical Engineer in the United States of America. Since graduating in 2014, I’ve been working with an Industrial Refrigeration contractor as part of their engineering design team.

In the unlikely event that you were wondering how it is I ended up in America, I came to the United States after High-School at beginning of the year 2011  on a track and field scholarship to Texas Christian University (Go Horned Frogs). I Studied Mechanical Engineering (go figure) and so my college experience was a roller coaster to say the least. I am a young professional trying to establish myself in this world of ours and I hope to one day inspire many based on Truth and not Propaganda. I believe in The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost. Jesus Christ is my King, my Lord & my Savior and I say that not to argue or compete with anyone. My beliefs are my own and I offer no judgement towards those whose beliefs differ to my own and respectfully ask that the same be awarded unto me and any of my posts in return. I am hoping to use my blog to genuinely and authentically express myself help whomever might visit my page in one way shape or form. Please feel free to comment, email or just say hi.


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