The theorem is that in the end we all just cease to exist. BUT wait…

 I’ve been thinking about Life and what makes it worth living and I’ve realized that the majority of the things that make it worth while can rarely be quantified from the context of the physical realm.  Life is more than just Flesh even though we often make the mistake prioritizing it.  Many of the beautiful things that I have found to be worth living for aren’t even remotely physical. On the contrary, I find that the best things are absolutely intangible and more often than not we as humans can’t even quantify them nor can we seem to live without them.

Love, undoubtedly the one thing that makes life worth living. It is by no means a Physical phenomena yet it’s contribution to our existence is of tremendous significance.  This intangibility is evidence sufficient enough for me to conclude that there certainly is a great deal more to life than is visible to the naked eye.  I say this, not to disregard the importance of paying attention to the physical but, to bring light to a dimly lit room where material acquisitions have become the soul purpose for life.  Whatever it is that you are going through in this realm, know that this is not All that life has to offer. There is more. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. material things fade and wither away but one thing we know for certain is that Love will always be. Love knows no Color, it knows no Hatred, knows no Discrimination, no Illness, no Pain, Politics, Racism, Judgement, Nothing. Love is Love period!

Author: ZimbabwesVeryOwn

It is by Grace that I have been Elected and it is by Grace I will Live. Zimbabwean Graduate Mechanical Engineer and Advocate for Freedom. #Saved #Loved #Blessed #Forgiven #Free #ChristMyLordAndSavior

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