What is Freedom?

What is Freedom? I mean really and truly what is it? We all claim to be free or we aspire to Freedom one day but what is Freedom in and of itself?  If we saw someone who was so called “Free”, what is it about them that we can identify and use to attest to their freedom?  Does Freedom need to be verified by others? Is Freedom an internalized experience? Is Freedom even an experience?  is Freedom joy or laughter? is Freedom Tangible? Is Freedom even real? Is Freedom a result of Societal Propaganda? Must Freedom be defined by Society?

I have long questioned this and to no seemingly obvious avail. I constantly say that I am free but am I really?  The insecurities of my childhood and my past plague me night after night as I mentally re-live all of them. The more i keep digging, the more I keep discovering within myself. Like a broken glass, there are so many pieces everywhere deep within. Some i have yet to confront i admit but still. The pieces are everywhere and I am not afraid however. I trust The Lord and know that with my pieces He can turn me into a masterpiece. Like a stained glass made of different pieces so too will I become if I just submit and allow the pieces to present themselves. Every time a memory is awoken, with it pieces of brokenness surface with it.

To be fair and honest i must admit that this constant unveiling of self came at a cost. It hurt like heck but i can’t stress enough how crucial it is. We must accept ourselves as ourselves. We must embrace the good and the bad within all of us. No one is perfect, aside from Perfection Himself, and consequently we must accept all our broken pieces and the ones we think are whole.  Yes i am hurt, yes i am broken but yes i am blessed and yes I am loved.

To answer the question of Freedom i will say this… Freedom, along with everything else, is relative.  I believe Freedom should be defined by self, within the confines of Truth obviously. I am Free and I stand by it. Yes I am broken and am constantly discovering myself but I am Free and there is nothing anyone can do to change that. Freedom can not be achieved externally if it hasn’t been attained Internally first. I am a work in progress so don’t count me out yet. Discover yourselves, keep pressing on everything that hurts until it hurts no more. Let go and let God. Look where you are right now. That should be a testament to yourself for yourself about yourself.  Don’t let anyone talk you down or piss on your dreams. If you believe enough you can achieve enough. You have the Freedom to choose what you want out of life and that Freedom is to die for. Know yourself so you can grow. Kill that which chokes and maintain a vessel of good soil. Only in which can the Seed truly grow effectively.

My Freedom is my own. The price has been paid already, and with my Freedom, I choose God. Let go of the things you can’t change and Grow in spite of your short comings. you owe yourself that much. Don’t wait for others to define who you are. Define you for yourself. God is the only one qualified enough to accurately tell you who you are. People, from now one, must accept you as One; as both the good and the bad not just the good aspects within. Good or Bad I am that I am.  I am NJ and there is nothing else to it. I am flawed but i’m constantly growing and learning and becoming better faster stronger. Defiance has long been my portion as i look back at my stubbornness so i know that only I can change for myself. Thing is, I want to change. I want to grow. This is the only reason that it has been possible. Change comes from within. What are you holding onto that’s that choking your growth? Let Go and Grow. Stop inviting the weeds!

What is Freedom? I ask you.



Author: ZimbabwesVeryOwn

It is by Grace that I have been Elected and it is by Grace I will Live. Zimbabwean Graduate Mechanical Engineer and Advocate for Freedom. #Saved #Loved #Blessed #Forgiven #Free #ChristMyLordAndSavior

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